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Seashore Creative is a celebration of all things coastal; places to stay, events, markets. Delightful and hidden little coastal shops and galleries, coastal interiors inspiration, showing how to create the spirit of the sea in your home. Family holidays by the sea and ways of encouraging your children to develop a love of the outdoors and playing safely by the sea. It’s also a place inspire creativity.

Growing up by the sea, it’s hard when you find yourself living away from it, and our idea of Seaside Creative was first created as we walked along the seashore on a windy winter’s day, when despite the chill, the sun was shining and the ideas kept tumbling out of us as we made our way back to the car and it helped to numb the regret we always feel as we leave the sea behind and drive inland.

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This year especially we have been given a gift of some amazing autumn days, when the sun has shone out of cloudless skies, giving us all an opportunity to get out in the fresh air and marvel at the joy of the unexpected beautiful weather. 

If you love being by the coast, and are inspired by the colour palette, you can create your own coastal escape wherever you live. Like most themes there always needs to be a balance between subtleness and overwhelming the room, but there are so many different ways that you can bring the feeling of a...

This year summer has come early, and for all of us trapped behind computers, in offices, or just working hard at managing the daily life of home and work, we often look enviously at those basking in the unexpected sunshine, or having the freedom to have a more relaxed work/life balance.

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``Memories of the Sea...Early morning the pink dawn of the sky, the waves gently lapping, the sand freshly cleaned, and as the day progresses the sun rises warm on your skin. Taste the salt of that first summer swim, the joy of finally standing up on a board, breathless as the wave takes you back to the shore. Lying on a towel and running the sand through your fingertips, marvelling at the tiny granules of many colours and shapes. Finally, at the end of the day cuddling up in blankets to watch the sunset. Knowing that tomorrow you can do it all again. ``

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Changing Landscapes

We are constantly out and about with our cameras, catching those special moments of our ever changing environment. Find out more in our latest blog.

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