Welcome to Seashore Creative

Seashore Creative is a celebration of all things coastal; places to stay, events, markets. Delightful and hidden little coastal shops and galleries, coastal interiors inspiration, showing how to create the spirit of the sea in your home. Family holidays by the sea and ways of encouraging your children to develop a love of the outdoors and playing safely by the sea. It’s also a place inspire creativity.

Growing up by the sea, it’s hard when you find yourself living away from it, and our idea of Seaside Creative was first created as we walked along the seashore on a windy winter’s day, when despite the chill, the sun was shining and the ideas kept tumbling out of us as we made our way back to the car and it helped to numb the regret we always feel as we leave the sea behind and drive inland.

Still feeling the excitement, we continued the ideas as we sat around our family table, like many families we have a favourite table with all it’s idiosyncrasies and the occasional wobble, we eat family meals around it, homework is completed, art work created and great ideas are born.

Seashore Creative is definitely not exclusively just for people who live by the sea, but instead a source of inspiration for people who love the sea, who share a love of fresh air, wonderful seascapes and freedom.

We love the thought of an extended family, people who are like-minded, creative, who also want to encourage the next generation to experiment with their ideas, to create spaces where young people can leave the technology behind and enjoy being creative.

And so the concept of Seashore Creative grew, in this space we want to share and celebrate the art of creating and making, whether it is crafting, cooking, or finding inspiration.

In the summer we love the romance of the family table, which becomes the focus of long lazy meals, shared in the sunshine. Or perhaps the family travels on holiday and while the table may change the creative spark still remains as our creative juices are fuelled by new locations, new inspirations.

Taking wholesome ingredients, and sharing healthy recipes, creating fun activities to share with family and friends. We want to share sources of inspiration, places where you can go to experiment, in art, poetry, writing, crafting, cooking and so much more!

We hope you will enjoy the journey!