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Planning a creative summer

This year summer has come early, and for all of us trapped behind computers, in offices, or just working hard at managing the daily life of home and work, we often look enviously at those basking in the unexpected sunshine, or having the freedom to have a more relaxed work/life balance.

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Creative Weekend

As well as taking the opportunity to get outside in the fresh air, the weekend also presents an opportunity to spend time being creative.

Around this wonderful island of ours there are so many amazing places to inspire your creative juices. For us our inspiration often comes when we are by the sea, but nature in all it wonderful forms can be breathtaking. Beautiful urban architecture can equally be awe-inspiring.

All that is needed is to connect with what stirs your soul, that magical place that makes you want to stop and stare and wait awhile soaking in the atmosphere.

There has been a focus in recent times on mindfulness; those actions that encourage you to slow down and really focus on something. Colouring, doodling are examples of this where the very nature of the activity encourages you to slow down and in doing so it reduces your stress levels and lowers your blood pressure.

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