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Creating a Coastal Style - Seashore Creative

Many of us dream about living by the coast, but it is possible to create a coastal feel in your home wherever you live. If you are inspired by the coastal colour palette, you can easily incorporate this into your own interiors.Like most themes there always needs to be a balance between subtleness and overwhelming the room, but there are so many different ways that you can bring the feeling of a coastal lifestyle into your home.

One simple way is to focus on shades of blue, there is a shade of blue to suit every room and every mood-from the deepest indigo blue to the palest sky blue. By complementing this with off-white, cream, natural or painted wood you can create a restful palette.

Once you have chosen your colour theme you can then focus on the accessories, again whether you choose seascapes or more nautical themes there are plenty of options in furniture, curtains, cushions, throws, artwork and smaller items like cups, bowls, lampshades and ornaments.

For a personal touch you can add in favourite collections and photographs from holidays spent by the coast, you may even want to transfer a favourite photograph onto a canvas, or purchase an original painting, piece of pottery, sculpture or other artwork from a local artist as a reminder of a special time or place.

Part of the joy of creating a coastal style is that the interiors speak of a relaxed, informal, carefree lifestyle where the boundaries between inside and out are blurred. If you are lucky enough to live by the coast and have coastal views, try and take advantage of this by using the simplest of ways to frame the view, using soft curtains, keeping the planting controlled and allowing the coast to provide you with the most wonderful natural images.

Above all you want your home to be relaxing, to bring back memories and to be a welcome escape.

If you are inspired by our coastal themes one of our favourite sources of inspiration is:

Relaxed Coastal Style by Sally Denning.

Sally examines ‘Coastal Elements’ where she looks at colour palettes; drawing inspiration from the natural colours of the ocean as well as the textures of weathered wood, bare floorboards, sun-bleached fabrics and robust linens. In her ‘Coastal Hideaways’ she uses examples from varied coastal homes around the world to share beautiful examples of how to create your own relaxed coastal style.

Relaxed Coastal Style by Sally Denning - Seashore Creative ReviewRelaxed Coastal Style

Synopsis: In Relaxed Coastal Style, Sally Denning offers decorating inspiration for anyone lucky enough to live by the ocean, as well as those who only dream of it.

Scientists tell us that living by the ocean makes us happier and healthier: increased views of blue space have a calming effect and sea air improves our ability to absorb oxygen. Being by water brings a sense of tranquillity and relaxation and a home by the sea has never been more desirable.

The first part of the book offers up Sally’s unique take on coastal style, celebrating the colours and textures of the seaside: bare wooden boards, uncurtained windows, and furnishings covered in robust linen or cotton that will endure salt water and the sun’s rays. Sally also looks at lighting, furniture and coastal decorative accents such as maps, charts and nautical-themed accessories. The second half of the book visits a selection of glorious coastal houses, cottages and hideaways that are guaranteed to enchant and inspire. Wherever you live, Relaxed Coastal style will inspire you to adopt the relaxed, informal simplicity of life by the sea.

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