April 19, 2016

Creating a Coastal Style…

by @seashorcreativ in Blog, Coastal Style, Live by the Sea

If you love being by the coast, and are inspired by the colour palette, you can create your own coastal escape wherever you live. Like most themes there always needs to be a balance between subtleness and overwhelming the room, but there are so many different ways that you can bring the feeling of a coastal lifestyle into your home.

One simple way is to focus on shades of blue and as Gail Abbott describes in Blue and White Style there is a shade of blue to suit every room and every mood-from the deepest indigo blue to the palest sky blue.

Part of the joy of creating a coastal style as Henrietta Heald describes in Coastal Living is that whatever the style, these interiors speak of a relaxed, informal, carefree lifestyle where the boundaries between inside and out are blurred.

Once you have chosen your colour theme you can then focus on the accessories, again whether you choose seascapes or more nautical themes there are plenty of options in furniture, curtains, cushions, throws, artwork and smaller items like cups, bowls, lampshades and ornaments.

For a personal touch you can add in favourite collections and photographs from holidays spent by the coast.

Above all you want the room to be relaxing, to bring back memories and to be a welcome escape.

If you are inspired by our Coastal themes here are two of our favourite books as a wonderful source of inspiration.

Coastal Living- A celebration of living by the ocean- Henrietta HealdCoastal Living- A celebration of living by the oceanHenrietta Heald

Synopsis: Divided into four chapters – classic, contemporary, casual and country-style – Coastal Living visits homes scattered all over the globe, from Denmark to Mexico. These shoreside dwellings boast a rich variety of different architecture and interior styles, but they all share a similar spirit. All are beautiful but practical, featuring bare wooden boards, uncurtained windows open to the morning sun, and furnishings covered in robust linen or cotton that can endure exposure to salt water and the sun’s fierce rays. Many of them feature nautical-themed accessories or draw inspiration from beachcombing, displaying shells and driftwood to feel close to nature and the sound of the waves.

The book also features insightful essays on some of the traditions and characteristics of the coastal lifestyle, such as the story of surfing, decorating with beach finds, plants for coastal gardens, living with nautical maps and charts, and more. Interspersed throughout are recipes for delicious and healthy seafood dishes that will allow you to make the most of the daily catch as well as evocative quotations from great writers extolling the drama and majesty of the ever-changing ocean.


Blue and White Style - Gail AbbottBlue and White Style – Gail Abbott

Classic and contemporary interiors from Mediterranean to country blue

Synopsis The crisp, fresh combination of blue and white is a classic design partnership with numerous variations. From the deepest indigo blue to the palest sky blue, there is a shade of blue to suit every room and every mood. And there’s a surprising number of options when it comes to choosing the shade of white to complement the blue, from the soft historic whites which are almost creamy in appearance, to the bright whites that always look so stylish.

The beauty of blue and white is that any combination of shades works effortlessly together. This book divides blues into chapters according to their shades. Classic Blues introduces you to color schemes and interiors that have stood the test of time, while Country Blues shows how these colors work beautifully in informal settings. Jewel Blues brings an intense depth of color, while Coastal Blues reflects the softer shades of the sea, from gray-blue to aquamarine, and Outdoor Blues takes its inspiration from nature. The final chapter, Collections, shows how to display your collections of china and ceramics, glassware, art, and fabrics.


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