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EAT SURF LIVE – The Cornwall Travel Book by Bachernegg & Zimmermann

Eat Surf Live - Seashore Creative ReviewEAT SURF LIVE
The Cornwall Travel Book
By Vera Bachernegg and Katharina Maria Zimmermann

Synopsis: Eat Surf Live is a whole new approach to travel guides. With beautiful photography and wonderful design, it showcases the best of Cornwall. Travel with the authors as they visit secret spots, encounter local personalities and taste their way through this foodie Mecca. Part travel guide, part photo journal, part recipe book, Eat Surf Live is brimming with tips for a successful stay in this surfer’s paradise.

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Seashore Creative Review

This is an absolutely beautiful guide, we love everything about it! 
The book is a perfect size so that you can carry it with you, yet it is also packed with so much helpful information, places to visit, restaurants, beaches, local history and delicious recipes for traditional Cornish delicacies. Vera and Katharina obviously have a passion for Cornwall and this shines through in the narration, for example in their love poem to St. Ives and in the way they describe their journey around the county.
We love the stunning photography and the delightful illustrations including stylized maps, if you are planning a holiday in Cornwall, or are just in love with the county you will be fascinated by this delightful book! Highly Recommended!  
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